donderdag 19 november 2015

A long time with a start and finish.

I know, I am not the best in updating. The last one is of February the 8th, that was last winter, and the new one is coming quite quickly. But I have done a lot these months. I have finished 3 projects and started another really big HEAD project. And at last but not least some little pieces from which I am going to make cards.

Let’s start with the finishes. I have finished winter, and started after that spring and finished it within het next month. The summer and autumn will follow, but I do not know when. I do not plan these smaller projects, I start them when I feel like.

This pattern was originally in 3 different shades of pink. Because the winter was already in one colour I decided to do the rest also in just one colour. And I thought the light yellow suited spring better than the old-pink shades they used.

The next finish is bigger and I am really proud of it. It is the dear with young! It became so extremely beautiful. We are going to search for a frame, and hang it above the stairs. It took me two years to stitch it.

And now to the start of this year. I wanted to start another HEAD and I had a free download pattern which I really like. I went with my mother to the handcraft-fair, where I was supposed to buy the fabric for the project. I found there a totally different but 10 times as beautiful pattern of HEAD. It is the cat double shelf. As a cat-lover I felt in love with the design and of course I bought it. So a few days later I bought the fabric and the colours (all 83 of them). The chart is 54 pages. With this one I started stitching with the parking-technique, it saves a lot of time!

You can al ready see the paws :)

Between them al I have stitched some small 'projects'. I am going to make cards of them. 

Have a nice day!

zondag 8 februari 2015

Geisha #2, butterflies and a new start!

The last 2weeks have been a little bit chaotic. My plan was to stitch only on the geisha, but unfortunately that did not happen. Though I made some progress on her. I love the little flowers and the butterfly, although they are a hell to stitch. It makes it looks so cute.

Just over a week ago I have broken one of my good intensions for this year. It was not a new start before at least 2 projects are finished, my tablecloth is finished. I just do not have a picture because the bleu print does not wash away L. But that is just one finish.
Bad me, I started something new. I found it in ‘borduurblad’ and I absolutely love it! It is a very easy and quick one, but I enjoy it a lot. As you can see it is stitched in one colour, this makes it even more easy. I changed the red to the light blue, because I think this is more winter like.


Last I started to make some small stitches. These are the butterflies, I have made four so far and I hope to make some more. I intent to make cards of it. And then I hope to sell them at the market of the church, the money goes to the maintenance of the church.

Enjoy your day!


zaterdag 17 januari 2015

HEAD ~ Mermaid update

Last weekend I got back from Switzerland to the Netherlands. 

Since I got home again I have been stitching a lot, because I have a holiday until the first of February. So I started to stitch on the mermaid again, she has such beautiful colours, but she is so big! I got bored with her, until I started on the tail. Which gave me a boost, because it is so much fun to see something come forward! At the end, I could not wait until the bottom part of the tail was finished. But two days ago, I did finish it, which also meant a full page is finished!!

Here you see the full finished page! I was so happy when it was done!

An close up on the bottom part of the tail.

Have a nice day!


donderdag 1 januari 2015

New year, new layout, new start!

Happy new year everyone!

I know, the last time I updated was a year and one day ago. A long time, in between I stitched more than ever, and there have been many things, my study, temporarily moving to Switzerland etc. At the end, I found out, the reason that I did not update: I was too busy with other things, and did not have the time(or did not make the time?).
So for me there was the question: do I want to go on with my blog or not?
Because I like to look at the progression of others, I decided to go on. Although I needed a fresh start. So I started to change the layout add some pages etc.
My blog is still not finished, the ‘finished projects’ page will be filled as soon as I am back in the Netherlands again. The pictures are on my computer there.

With this also a short update on my projects:

The last time I have been working on the tablecloth a lot. I got it in 2010/11, I am not sure when.
It was partly done by someone else and I was going to finish it. But I do not like it anymore and the part that was done is really badly done. What makes it also hard to motivate myself to finish it.
The part I have done yesterday.

At the end of the summer(2014) I finished the first geisha, and started the second just a few days after. There are 3 in total and I want to make them all 3. I really love the colours that are used and the fine details.

The last one is Woodland scene, though I love this piece it is really hard to motivate myself to work on it. It is really detailed work and it takes a lot of time to finish a small part of it.
I became very happy when there was finally another colour than brown, black and grey.