zondag 8 februari 2015

Geisha #2, butterflies and a new start!

The last 2weeks have been a little bit chaotic. My plan was to stitch only on the geisha, but unfortunately that did not happen. Though I made some progress on her. I love the little flowers and the butterfly, although they are a hell to stitch. It makes it looks so cute.

Just over a week ago I have broken one of my good intensions for this year. It was not a new start before at least 2 projects are finished, my tablecloth is finished. I just do not have a picture because the bleu print does not wash away L. But that is just one finish.
Bad me, I started something new. I found it in ‘borduurblad’ and I absolutely love it! It is a very easy and quick one, but I enjoy it a lot. As you can see it is stitched in one colour, this makes it even more easy. I changed the red to the light blue, because I think this is more winter like.


Last I started to make some small stitches. These are the butterflies, I have made four so far and I hope to make some more. I intent to make cards of it. And then I hope to sell them at the market of the church, the money goes to the maintenance of the church.

Enjoy your day!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Great stitching. Your little butterfly mini's look so cute.

  2. je doet leuke werkjes, zowel klein als groot!! Top!! je geisha wordt prachtig met die felle kleuren