donderdag 1 januari 2015

New year, new layout, new start!

Happy new year everyone!

I know, the last time I updated was a year and one day ago. A long time, in between I stitched more than ever, and there have been many things, my study, temporarily moving to Switzerland etc. At the end, I found out, the reason that I did not update: I was too busy with other things, and did not have the time(or did not make the time?).
So for me there was the question: do I want to go on with my blog or not?
Because I like to look at the progression of others, I decided to go on. Although I needed a fresh start. So I started to change the layout add some pages etc.
My blog is still not finished, the ‘finished projects’ page will be filled as soon as I am back in the Netherlands again. The pictures are on my computer there.

With this also a short update on my projects:

The last time I have been working on the tablecloth a lot. I got it in 2010/11, I am not sure when.
It was partly done by someone else and I was going to finish it. But I do not like it anymore and the part that was done is really badly done. What makes it also hard to motivate myself to finish it.
The part I have done yesterday.

At the end of the summer(2014) I finished the first geisha, and started the second just a few days after. There are 3 in total and I want to make them all 3. I really love the colours that are used and the fine details.

The last one is Woodland scene, though I love this piece it is really hard to motivate myself to work on it. It is really detailed work and it takes a lot of time to finish a small part of it.
I became very happy when there was finally another colour than brown, black and grey.