vrijdag 4 maart 2016

A few months of stitching

It is been a while since my last update, but here is one again. 
Two weeks ago I was at my friends house and she asked how my mermaid was going. I gave her a look and she was like: never mind, I did not ask anything! She got me thinking that I should stitch it the same way as the cat double shelf. So I started to work with grids, which made it a lot quicker and easier to stitch.

I love the glitter in the white part!

The cat double shelf is growing slowly right now. It is a big big project! But I just love the idea that there will be soon a very different colour scheme to stitch.

Lately I have stitched a lot on the geisha. I just love the colours that are used. It al fits together so well.

Before christmas I was thinking about christmas cards and I found some beautiful patterns. So I decided to stitch one for a friend. I know she values beautiful post.

Have a nice weekend!

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